Harry at Rend LakeI guess I’ve been hunting most of my life, starting when I was five with my dad. Although we had dogs and I really wasn't needed for the hunts, I enjoyed going with my dad and watching the dogs work. Over the years, both in hunting dogs and in field trials, I've seen some of the best and some of the worst trained dogs around and was determined to have the best I could find and/or breed. When you have some really good "broke" dogs, there's nothing better than getting them in the field. It's like a fine-tuned machine how they can work together to get that bird that may have been running forever - we've all been there. Having well trained, broke dogs is the difference in birds in the bag and "there he goes" birds. I've never been able to get the "there he goes" bird. All of my dogs are trained by my good friend, Leon Watson who lives in Montana and owns Sun River Kennels and is one of the best bird dog trainers I've known. He knows how to "listen" to a dog and what the dog needs in training to get the job done with quality, style and speed.
As for breeding and raising dogs, I've spent many years of research and trial and error in an attempt to have not only good bird dogs, but dogs you'd be proud to show off to your buddies. I always try to pay attention to what the dog is doing and trying to tell me in the field. If you watch close enough, you can find "that something" that either needs to be corrected or “that something” that makes the dog shine. You have to know your dog and letting them stay in the kennel until bird season starts don’t do it. It takes letting the dog out of that kennel - every day, letting them run - every day, and doing some work with that dog - every day. You have to pay attention to the puppies and socialize those pups – every day. Even with some fine bird dogs, I’m always looking for a better dog, whether for hunting or for breeding. I know what I want in a bird dog and what I want to see in the puppies that are whelped.
I have German Shorthairs and English Pointers, primarily Elhew Pointers. I have also bought several dogs from John Lossing at the Numark Kennel. John has decided it was time to disperse his dog breeding operation. I bought three of his good producing females, Elhew Lady Bird, Numark Elhew Gold, Numark Elhew Cher and a male named Numark. I will be rasing some very good puppies that will make super good bird dogs.

Lady and GSP pup on point - pup is from one of Roxie's previous GSP litter
Pup on Point
We let this one go for seed
This cock was nice enough to let us take a photo after we had our limit
Lady on point
This is what it's all about
Lady on Point
Sun River Kennels

Leon Watson has 40 years experience in training Pointers of all breeds, Retrievers, flushing dogs, and cattle dogs.
Dogs are trained with wild birds from start to finish.
All dogs are also house broke for additional socialization and training.
Extremely Important... I always teach you and your dog to hunt as a team.
Trained dogs available for sale.
Inquire about training your hunting dog today in Montana.
References available, work guaranteed.
Call Leon Watson at 406-230-1170.

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